Meeting… Osnat Bukofzer
President WIFT Israel

30 Ottobre 2021

We are very grateful to all the panelists at our Father, May I? event in Rome at MIA Market on October 15th, 2021. But we are extremely grateful to Osnat Bukofzer, President at WIFT Israel, for helping conceive the event itself.


We took the opportunity of the now open conversation between our two chapters to ask Osnat a few questions about her job and WIFT Israel.


Hi Osnat and thank you for your time!

Can you tell us about your role as Director of International Affairs and co-production consultant at Israel Cinema Project, Rabinovich Foundation and your connection with Italy?


Relationships, collaborations, aspirational and empowering the creator of our film industry, with a special focus on women, are the topics I put the focus on in my work as the Director of International Affairs and co-production consultant at Israel Cinema Project, Rabinovich Foundation, the largest film fund in Israel for feature films, Documentary films, and Students films.


Although the long corona period was not scheduled in my agenda, it confirmed what I already knew. The Israeli film industry is strong, has good stories and good storytellers, However, we are living on an island that is not completely connected to any other continent, and more than other industries, collaborations and cooperation are required to create and bring our films to the best possible place.


I opted to start my journey in Italy because I believe it has one of the best and fastest-growing film industries in Europe. But most importantly, we have a treaty agreement from 1973 that has been amended in recent years, however it has not materialized in practice. My first steps began at MIA Market, one of Europe’s most important film markets; thanks to the significant willingness of the Italian Ministry of Culture, ANICA, and the directors of MIA Market, a collaboration between the two industries arose almost immediately, and there are now ten co-productions in various stages of production between our industries.


What about WIFT Israel, your role in bringing the chapter to life and the opportunities/challenges that you are embracing/facing?


WIFT Israel was founded as a result of my own encounters with women who know how to share, give, and be there for you, who know how to ask the meaningful questions, and who know how to offer space to create. Helene Granqvist, Nicole Ackermann, Ada Solomon, Lucia Milazzotto, and all the other wonderful women who participated in my international women’s panel at the Cannes Film Festivals, or whom I met on my path to become who I want to be, who have stood by my side for the past few years, educating me through activities about the value of sisterhood, prospective collaborations, and the knowledge that only we, the women in significant positions, can work for ourselves, and nothing will change if we do not act.

WIFT Israel was born a few months ago, and I’m just getting started, taking small steps to avoid stepping on anyone’s toes and figuring out the most effective ways to communicate to our female creators that they’re not alone – being part of a functioning community can make a huge difference in our life and creation.


One year from now, where would you like to see WIFT Israel and your personal career?


I’d like to know that I’ve been able to promote collaborations, empowerment, professional development, and meaningful connections between people in the various film industries – one year, or ten years from now, as much as I know myself, my main goals will be the same in everything I do and operate.


Thank you Osnat and all the best!




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