23 Dicembre 2021

Questo mese porta in dono una collezione di news che celebra le nostre professioniste, dalle vincitrici dei Muse Awards organizzati dal sister chapter NYWIFT  raccontate in their own words alle 100 donne più potenti nel mondo dell’intrattenimento, dalle 32 che potrebbero aver salvato l‘industria nel 2021 alle ancora troppo poche compositrici e alle loro sfide culturali


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42nd Annual NYWIFT Muse Awards – Thursday, December 16th, 2021


Muse Awards – celebrating women of vision and achievement.
“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”


“The theme of this year’s Muse Awards is PERSEVERANCE.
All of us in media, especially women, have to constantly innovate and reinvent ourselves in order to get ahead. If these two last years have taught us anything it’s to never give up” Nancy Giles, Muse Awards Master of Ceremonies


“On my 50th birthday this year, I realized that I was the Muse for my own creativity and I’ve already spent a career working with my muses and that they’ve come in the form of the various characters I’ve played.”  – Sandra Oh, Muse Honoree (nella foto)


“Filmmaking is about understanding justice..” – Darnell Martin, Nancy Malone Directing Award


“The larger story is to tell the story of voices that wouldn’t normally get a voice, people of disabilities being one.” – Jason DaSilva, Loreen Arbus Changemaker Award


“Media has the power to save lives and shift consciousness and getting to be a part of that has been wonderful.” – Alexis Fish, Muse Honoree


“I think representation matters, you have to first see it, to see that it’s possible.” – Patina Miller, NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment, Made in NY Award


“The thing that inspires me about our industry and the work we do is that, what we do in media and entertainment matters. And if we do storytelling well, we could actually move the world towards a more just and equitable place.” – Christy Haubegger, EVP, Communications and Chief Inclusion Officer at WarnerMedia,  Muse Honoree


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